MGMT announced a few weeks their come back with a self-titled album planned for September 17th, plus their first single from the album "Alien Days". This monday, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden reveal on their website the artwork of this new album, but in a original way.

It's in their website that we discover a GIF-Image with 16 little square pictures. After assembling the 16 parts, we obtain a great square picture (a photo with the duo + the MGMT logo)?. The idea is original and we think that no band did it before.

Now we have to wait less than two months for the release of MGMT album. The first single "Alien Says" surprised a bit the fans, a calm song, more Indie than Rock. But opinions are positive for the song.

If you didn't listen to "Alien Days", check it out now :

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