We hope you are enjoying the holidays with your family and your friends. If you think you don't receive gifts enoughs, some new music (and video) could end your 2015 in a good way. And yes, we are back after some weeks of silence, and 2016 will be for us a great year.

1. Diplo: Diplo and Friends Best Of 2015 Mix

We finally saw him everywhere. First, the duo with Skrillex named Jack Ü made a good album with definitively a new breathe for J. Bieber with "Where Are Ü Now". Second, his great band Major Lazer made records with the single "Lean On" (almost 1 billion views on YouTube), a great part of an album very probably dedicated to France, Peace Is The Mission.

In clear, Thomas Wesley Pentz didn't stop touring with his friends. Previously he revealed with Sleepy Tom the single "Be Right There", and for his Diplo and Friends Show, he gave us his favorite tracks of 2015. Diplo is not ready to stop producing, we're sure.

2. Skrillex: Stranger 

If the definition of Skrillex's concerts is strong and fire performances, he also can do calm songs or even an ode to the world. A goal succeed with The Creators Project - who made in 2012 a beautiful end for M83's trilogy with "Wait" - who both present a emotional and a lightful video for "Stranger" in piano-voice version with Sam Dew, KillaGraham, Tennyson and White Sea.

The message Sonny Moore shows us is strong and clear: little, big, old, young, from every place or from every belief, we're "strangers" but we're all the same, and nothing should prevent the fact of being all together.

3. Bring Me The Horizon: Drown (live from Maida Vale)

The power of That's The Spirit confirmed the new Bring Me The Horizon after Sempiternal. More vocals and more music ways have been explored by Oliver Sykes' band, and we can only love, as the full fifth album. We keep in mind their performance at Reading and Leeds in August, where everyone noticed Oli's love for Japanese kawaii metal band BABYMETAL with a special T-Shirt.

For the song "Drown", already revealed in 2014 before album's release, the band offered for Christmas an orchestral version made with the BBC. Beautiful.

4. Muse - Agitated (live at Glasgow Barrowlands)

21 years and still young, Bellamy, Wolstenholme and Howard came back on the rock lines with their 7th album Drones, full of guitar riffs and powerful songs as "Pyscho", "Reapers" or "Revolt". We had right to the beautiful following of Origin Of Symmetry's "Citizen Erazed" with "The Globalist" during 10 minutes.

The band wish us "Musey" Christmas with their song "Agitated" at Glasgow Barrowlands, first recorded before te release of Showbiz in 1999.

5. Radiohead - Spectre

You are not dreaming, the guys of Oxford are back on the studios since a few times. And if we all are waiting to hear their upcoming 9th album - following The King Of Limbs (2011), Thom Yorke's Radiohead revealed a special song for 007 Spectre movie.

"Last year we were asked to write a tune for Bond movie Spectre. Yes we were ... It didn't work out", Yorke said, "but became something of our own which we love very much. As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you", he ended to refer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

So, it haven't been used for official soundtrack, Sam Smith did. However, maybe it was too much good to put on movie's opening. So good that a fan combined the song to the opening deleting Smith's "Writing's On The Wall". So good the original song on SoundCloud has been played more than 3 million times in a few days.

What do you think of all these songs/sets? Have you got some other Christmas gifts like this? Anyway, we wish you Happy New Year 2016 in advance for France. Keep...
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We start to know better Engus and Eleonore, these two young French phenomenons of electronic duo Carbon Airways. On September 28 they released a new hard and jumper track called "Dust", already performed in live before the out date.

Calm before the storm. You Walk Away EP was acclamed by the US fans during their perfomance at Coachella Festival last year. Then, after a tour and months of work, new EP is on the way. Starting by "Break The Silence", with their video showed as an anthem for young generation who's got his word to say about the world's pain, very linked to Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Part 2 movie. The song "Blasted Daydream" then is released at late July.

The next? Japan's Summer Sonic Festival. Applaused by Japanese fans (at the time of The Prodigy, Madeon and Dillon Francis), they spent two weeks in the rising sun's country, with music and... games. Kendama or something.

At their back in Europe, Carbon Airways continue their adventure. "Dust" is out, different of previous EP and the two previous songs. A little bit dark, but very strong, especially then they perform it live.
Their new EP named Distance Forces will be released on late October. About their debut album, they wait the good moment to reveal it. If you want to discover new songs, go see them in a gig.

Buy song "Dust" here: polydor.lnk.to/4oHHq

(Main picture by Malik Doll Matheson)...
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After six months of waiting - for us, and of filming for the actors - since the special episode Last Christmas, the BBC revealed the official trailer for Doctor Who's Series 9, starring Peter Capaldi (The Doctor) and Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) for a second full series. 90 seconds of new characters, returns and surprises, in the order.

19''. New characters, new monsters. Metal soldiers (not Cybermen), hands coming from the ground, a guy with dark eyes ... it looks like the Doctor hasn't seen everything in the universe.

23''. We are (almost) sure that the greatest enemies of the Doctor, the Daleks, will be part of the ninth series. Unless the video would show the back of Rusty, a "good" Dalek appeared in Into The Dalek.

25'' New characters with two heads in one, wearing a Chinese hat. An other one three seconds later, more human.

30''. Missy is back. Revealed as the woman version of the Master in Dark Water/Death In Heaven, we ignore if this character played by Michelle Gomez will fight with or against the Doctor and Clara.

38''. Apparently an alien city. An other view at 51''.

40''. A man in a cave. Are we back in Karn, the planet where the 8th Doctor (Paul Mc Gann) became the War Doctor (John Hurt) in The Night Of The Doctor? We're not sure.

43''. Not surprising that Clara Oswald still travels with the Doctor in the TARDIS. But notice the orange spacesuit weared by the Doctor in The Waters of Mars (with David Tennant), Hide (with Matt Smith) and Kill The Moon (with Capaldi).

50''. Friend or enemy? He has similar eyes as the guy at 19''.

53'' The 12th Doctor hugging Clara, it's rare. But we love it.

55''. A little girl kidnapped by a Zygon. Oh, you probably discovered Zygons in The Day Of The Doctor, but we think they forget to be good after saving London.

57''. The coolest moment of the trailer: the Doctor plays electric guitar in the TARDIS. Electric guitars are cool. Capaldi, you rock.

64''. "I'm the Doctor, and I save people." Saving the universe by wearing sunglasses is cool, doesn't it, Matt Smith?

79''. "What took you so long, old man?" The most waited moment for Series 9. We discover finally Maisie Williams, starred as Arya Stark in HBO's Game Of Thrones, in her mysterious role in Doctor Who's double episode The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived.
According to the video's comments about Williams' words, she could play Jenny, appeared in The Doctor's Daughter where she promised to find the Doctor again, with a new face. Or, better, Susan Foreman, the Doctor's granddaughter - after a regeneration - who appeared in Doctor Who's all first episode An Unearthly Child, broadcast in 1963. If Maisie Williams plays a Time Lord, she could be Jenny or Susan. Or someone else?

Take a sticky note, sonic screwdriver and TARDIS fans, a remember this date: Saturday, September 19. Series 9 will start with The Magician's Apprentice, whose we are waiting the teaser. By the way, a tenth series has been confirmed on July 14th. Ready, time travellers?

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Forget all what you know about science. The complexity of your brain and your head. No molecules, no electric signal, no neurons. Replace all that by five people representing emotions in the Head quarters. Joy makes us happy and does everything to keep in mind our best moments. Sadness is almost pessimistic about all and loves tears. Disgust is the rebel against green vegetables (unless they come from a plane). Fear hates to take risks or he screams. And Anger loves to play with fire and authority, whilst reading a newspaper.
That is the "point of view" of Pete Docter who make the story of Inside Out, in theatres in France since June 17, and in the US on June 19.

Five emotions who manage - since the birth - the life of Riley Anderson, 11 years old, a young girl loving ice hockey who will discover San Francisco with her parents. The head of Riley - and of everyone - is a Headquarter whose emotions create for each moment a "memory sphere", colored based on emotions (yellow for Joy by example). Before Riley's moving in San Francisco, we can see a majority of yellow spheres. But since she entered her new home, there are more purple, green and red spheres ...

The first day of school can bring Joy spheres again, but Sadness accidentally touches reminds, becaming blue, and attracts Joy into the Intern Memory, a library of colored spheres. Meanwhile in the Headquarter, Anger, Fear and Disgust, alone in front of the "life commands", try to manage Riley without happiness and tears, but problems come one by one : anger during the dinner, lost of the passion of ice hockey ... and the worst is yet to come: Riley ran away to return in Minnesota. In Riley's head, it's the panic: islands - made by the best memories - are falling one by one in a big hole containing lost memories. Family, Honesty, Ice Hockey, Humor ... all are destroyed.

Between the worlds of subconcience, imagination, abstact and Dream Productions, Joy and Sadness, with the help of Bing Bang - Riley's best imaginary friend - will do everything to come back to the Headquarter and to save Riley. Finally arrived, Riley come back to home in San Francisco in tears, but happy. Joy and Sadness create a huge memory represented by a blue and yellow sphere, creating a big island.

The Anderson family come back to home town where Riley grew up, and the library starts to be full of mixed emotion spheres and bigger islands. The team of emotions received for Riley's 12th birthday a new "life control panel" whose the "puberty" button (Joy thinks first it's not so important). All is fine now in the family, but the question is: what could be happenned at 12 years old ?

If Pixar's Inside Out received a great majority of positive reviews, it's normal : very creative, powerful and worked, even that Pete Docter had specialists of emotions and childhood as weapons to make the story. After watching the movie (available in 3D for a great experience), we want to imagine these little voices in the head in Inside Out's way. By the way, much people want to see a sequel of the movie, watching Riley at 12, 13 or 16 years old. Ask the question to Pixar, we hope a positive answer of Joy.

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“Dedicated to those who sacrifice their freedom to break the silence.” Here is how the video starts : Carbon Airways refer to people launching alerts and putting their lives to danger when they report a threat ... like Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), ready to fight Snow for 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II' movie, out this November.

It's by the way in a set of the movie where the video for "Break The Silence" has been filmed. Young people wearing scarfs - and reduced to silence - will put them out at the end of the video, showing “And you ... would you sacrifice your freedom ?”. According to Aficia, this video is an anthem of a young and angry generation which doesn't want to be speakless face to modern world's pains.

"Break The Silence" is a huge rap-pop sound announced on May 3. First planned for May 11, Carbon Airways gave a sound preview on a Facebook video showing Eleonore - the lead singer - waken up by a strange boy. A video is announced later and some pictures of the filiming and the video is out on June 15.

Their new EP is planned for September 2015, and they will be at Japan's Summer Sonic Festival this July. The debut album 'Outrenoir' is on the road ...

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