Muse is defenitively come back ! Millions of fans have finished to wait the release of their 6th album, "The 2nd Law". And in exclusivity, Matthew Bellamy, Chirstopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard have done a real 1st concert on September 30th at the Roundhouse (London) to close the iTunes Festival 2012.

To see the full concert (begins at 10:20, watch the video in fullscreen) :

About "The 2nd Law", the new album of Muse, it's now available (and free) to listen to it everywhere (iTunes Store, YouTube, Deezer, Virgin Mega Store, Zune, Spotify, etc). Muse fans already like some songs like "Supremacy", "Madness", "Panic Station", "Animals", "Follow Me", "Save Me", "Liquid State" or "Isolated System".
Finally, this album looks like good welcomed for the first days of release (since September 28th in 10 countries) ! Now fans wait Muse in the next great concerts ...

Watch the "Isolated System" Official Video (which comes from The 2nd Law Deluxe Boxset) :

For more informations about the tour dates and last photos :
• Official Muse website :

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