Warner Music Japan Inc. announced that "100%KPP World Tour 2013" official documentary about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's World Tour will be released on Blu-Ray Disc and on DVD.

You probably don't know who she is. But Japan knows her well : Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japanese singer, became internationally known with her first single "Pon Pon Pon" released in 2011. And in just three years, she became one of the queens of J-Pop, releasing several singles ("CANDY CANDY", "Fashion Monster", "Mottai Night Land") and two albums, Pamyu Pamyu Revolution and Nanda Collection. A third album is to be announced in the next weeks.

The documentary about "100%KPP World Tour" includes videos of Kyary's concerts in Belgium, France, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S. and Singapore. It will be released on DVD on January 29 and on Blu-Ray Disc on February 12.
You can order the documentary in english at the web store "CDJapan.co.jp" :
- DVD Format : http://tinyurl.com/ko5c3b9
- Blu-Ray Disc : http://tinyurl.com/pl68ql9

Watch Kyary Pamyu Pamyu video "CANDY CANDY" (released in 2012) :

Source : Facebook

UPDATE : Kyary announced lately that her 8th single "Yume no Hajimarinrin" will be out February 26. The cover for the single, in the theme of the "Dream World", has been revealed in Harajuku Kawaii website. The single could be on Kyary's third album with "Mottai Night Land".
More info : asbs.jp/english/news.php?id=867


  1. Why is this not in HD? Epic video btw! :D

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