We see currently that opinions are divided : is Windows 8 good and better than Windows 7 ? Many people ask this question, and always find what is missing in the last Microsoft OS.

However, Windows 8 does a good start : only one month after the release of Windows 8, 40 million copies have already been sold. Remember that Windows 7 has been sold 670 millions copies ; in about 1 year and half or 2 years, Windows 8 will be (already) the best OS sold in the world.

And the number of Windows 8 copies is not the only one to grow up fast. There are currently in the Windows Store 21,183 apps, and on October 26th there was a bit more than 10,000 apps. To compare, Mac App Store has "only" 12,665 apps ... thus, on the side operating system, Windows overwrites Apple ...

For the OS, it is just a begin ...


Source : http://www.windows8update.com/2012/11/28/microsoft-number-of-windows-8-apps-has-doubled-since-launch/

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