About 2 years without news, Thomas Mars' band come back : Phoenix, a Indie-Pop and Rock band from Versailles (France), known especially for the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, announces its 5th album by a teaser on their official website (see there).

Bankrupt is the name of this new album. And after viewing this "strange" teaser, which remembers the money machines, we understand that their next songs will be a bit different of what they have done before.

According to a french radio "Virgin", the band will release the album in spring 2013 and will be at the Rock En Seine Festival in August in Paris.

Phoenix in video

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  1. Nice article Wil! I love your blog buddy! Especially your science topics, universe and all that stuff. But your music topics rock too! I had no idea about Phoenix. Thanks for sharing. They're awesome!

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