New interface of YouTube TV - Science and Technology Menu
After video streaming service on Nintendo Wii, Google has launched YouTube TV, adapted for televisions connected to Internet.

Available at the adress, YouTube TV has now a new interface : great icons, great menus, great miniatures, a bit like XBOX 360 dashboard :
• the menu is in left sidebar (to change menu ↓ and ↑ key),
• and the videos are in great size in a horizontal bar (to change video ← and → key).

In the main column, the user finds his online videos, history or subscriptions. Between these categories is the Connection menu and settings. It is here that we connect to his account. To do this, you can confirm the connection by opening the page from a browser. Then simply enter the code shown on YouTube TV. Another option available: the combination of devices to find a video on a smartphone or tablet and then watch it on TV.

Here are 2 other snapshots of YouTube TV (click on them to see on fullscreen) :
Search screen - Here : results for "Muse"
Video playing screen - Blink 182 : Live in Vegas 2011 HD

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