We have just waited 2 days to finally watch it today : M83 has released with The Creator Project his new jewel, which is the last part of the trilogy of the kids with superpowers : "Wait".

The recipe ? Plans worthy of cinema, between static and wide shots and close-ups pronounced on the faces of the kids and futuristic effects.


"Wait", surely the most beautiful M83 video

A video like this one, you'll never find ... a beautiful and mysterious girl across the world (in city, in a snowy mountain and a forest where she is perched with wolves), a prism which travels the universe and which has got inside the young boy with blue eyes ... all this in a song sweeter than "Midnight City" and "Reunion" ...

A great video, probably the most beautiful video of M83 and of the year 2012 !
"Wait" is spreading quickly on the web, and the opinions are positive :

"The brilliant stroke of December is for them." (Allinelectro.com)

"Lately, the clips tend to be narrative short films, and the original song has not sometimes more direct relationship with history. Itself, the clip became an entity, sometimes even a full movie. It even happens that its story is so epic that follows a sequel, and in the case of the latest videos of M83, a trilogy. This is precisely what the team directors Fleur & Manu have done for the 3 songs the most theatrical of M83, telling the story of a group of telekinesic kids escaped from an asylum with "Midnight City", and battling the authorities in "Reunion"." (The Creator Project)

Snapshots and "Wait" single cover

"Wait" is probably the next single of M83, and for M83 fans, you can see and download the "Wait" single cover especially made for the song :

Here are also some snapshots of the video ; you can see the 34 snapshots taken posted on Facebook here and you can download them in great resolution here by SkyDrive (1600x680).



  1. Hi Wilfred,

    Haven't heard of M83, but this one is nice and meaningful.

    Thanks for sharin'


  2. Thanks :) I hope that you'll like "Midnight City" and "Reunion" videos that i've given you by links :)

  3. Like Mayura I have not heard of M83 before. But I doubt there could have been a better video to use to introduce me. The video quality was fabulous. The music was moving, and the story told was touching as well. Thanks for sharing this Wilfried, I will be back for more.

  4. Thanks for your comment Jon, if you want to see the full story of the kids : copy the link below, paste it on the adress bar and to see the story click on "Midnight City" video (1st part) :)

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