It's official : Thomas Mars' band, Phoenix, will release their new album Bankrupt! on April 22nd*.

It's by a video on that they announce the date :

"Dear all,
Our new album, Bankrupt!, will be released the week of April 22nd.
Here is the tracklisting as well as the album cover.
Much love et à bientôt !
Thomas - Branco - Mazzalai - Deck" **

A simple album cover, with an apricot and a pink flower on a grey background, and the tracklisting of the album, have been devoiled on February 13th. We currently don't know if Phoenix will release a video of one of the 10 songs of Bankrupt!. Appointment in 2 months !

Tracklist :

1. Entertainment          2. The Real Thing           3. S.O.S. In Bel Air
4. Trying To Be Cool     5. Bankrupt !                 6. Drakkar Noir
7. Chloroform              8. Don't                         9. Bourgeois
10. Oblique City

* and not on May 7th, according to our last post.
** "et à bientôt" = "see you later" (french)

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