You probably know this Indie-Rock band from New York with the songs "A-Punk", "Oxford Comma", "Holiday" and "Cousins". And after their 2 first albums (Vampire Weekend and Contra), Vampire Weekend by their official website and Twitter announced the release of the 3rd album for May 7th.

But what is the name of the album ? In fact, it's by Twitter that they announce the name of the album by Twitter. But not directly.

NYT Classifies actually refers to a part of the New York Times Newspaper for the 4th February. And what can we found at the "NOTICES & LOST AND FOUND" column ?

Yes. Modern Vampires Of The City is the name of the 3rd album of Vampire Weekend. And they have with this the name revealed the cover of their album by their website.

Sources :
Twitter status :
Official Vampire Weekend Website : 

Little reminder of what Vampire Weekend is :

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