In January 2014, the twelfth Doctor Peter Capladi begins the filming of the Series 8 of Doctor Who with Jenna Coleman. About five months later, the BBC revealed a first 15-second teaser trailer with Capaldi in the TARDIS, like the picture above.

As you know, the first episodes of Series 8 will be broadcast in August. Who says new series says new characters ; the Doctor and Clara Oswald are naturally here. We also learnt in January that Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra, with Strax and Jenny) will be back for the series.

On February 24, Samuel Anderson has been announced as reccurent character Danny Pink, a teacher and a colleague of Clara at Coal Hill School (school we saw in "The Day Of The Doctor"). The next month, Keeley Hawes is cast as Ms Delphox for episode 5. Then, the BBC announced Tom Riley, Ben Miller, Hermione Norris and Frank Skinner in guest roles.

But the first teaser revealed by the BBC doesn't show all these characters. So we have to wait a second trailer to discover a bit who they are and who they play.

On May 24, YouTube user "John Smith", known for the video "WHOLOCK - Sherlock meets the Doctor", unveiled a fan 'Rain' Trailer he made for Series 8. We can see the TARDIS, arriving on a planet where it's raining ; the Doctor and Clara Oswald go outside the TARDIS, and watch a mountain with a moon in background. The video has been viewed about 300,000 times in four days.

Still in the fan trailers, user SupremePyroViper revealed on May 25 a trailer using BBC and John Smith videos, plus moments of "The Day of the Doctor" and "The Time of the Doctor". You can watch the video here :

Ready for new episodes and new kidneys ?

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