Skrillex playing
Skrillex playing at Garorock Festival, Marmande (France), 29-30 June 2014.
And we were there ...

Summer is here, and between working on albums and spending holidays on swimming pool, artists let us unwaited surprises. From the new and dreamy Coldplay album to new bands as Files Miles North Of Nowhere and Babymetal (yes, this name exists), here is our selection of 10 albums and EPs, released these 6 past months, we loved very much.

1. Within Temptation : Hydra (January 30)

Sixth studio album for the Dutch symphonic metal band. A great one as we planned. Hydra's "story" launched with the release of the single "Paradise (What About Us?)" on September 27, in which Tarja Turunen (Nightwish) joined Within Temptation singer Sharon den Adel. The album is out on January 30 and directly takes first place in the iTunes charts in Europe.

More info : Within Temptation release their sixth studio album 'Hydra'

2. Babymetal : Babymetal (February 28)

Who thinks that adding kawaii ("cute" in Japanese) in metal music is not possible ? However it is. The name of band is good found : Babymetal. Three young Japanese girls, aged from 14 to 16, queens of black and red, succeed to make Kawaii Metal, and the results are here : several singles whose a "Gimme Chocolate!!" viewed about 11,4 million times.
After four years of work and singles, the band released their debut eponym album. Begun with speed and dark metal, the girls show us the way to jump and to move your head and your hair at once. And they little by little come in Europa and the USA

Listen to all Babymetal songs here :

3. Foster The People : Supermodel (March 14)

The debut album Torches conquered the fans with "Pumped Up Kicks" and "Houdini", that we waited a second album. Mark Foster's band announced on January Supermodel, with the first single "Coming Of Age" and a video showing the mural painting of album's artwork.
The formula of Supermodel is different of the previous album, however the songs are original, good made, still with the touch of indie, pop and alternative rock.

More info : Foster The People, second album 'Supermodel' out March 14

4. Skrillex : Recess (March 17)

If we waited a huge electronic album this year, it is Sonny Moore's debut album. The king of dubstep and huge light shows launched the alien Recess, starting with "Try It Out". The album is varied, with many featurings, and a new and good evolution in Skrillex's career.
Then, it's a bench of great concerts in festivals, as Ultra Music Festival (with Diplo, the duo named Jack U), Coachella, Glastonbury and Garorock, whose blog founder Wilfried Andral saw in live (see top picture). The show of Sonny has no end ... the proof at Red Rocks, Colorado, on June 21.

5. The Crash Bandits : Closer (March 23)

Discovered last year with their first album Better Off, the trio from Minneapolis (MN) are back with a second EP, Closer. This new one offers 5 songs, in the continuity of their album plus first EP The Mutt (2012), with good punk/rock.
The band did some concerts until July 9, and, for the moment, no more shows have been announced. New dates coming, working on a second album in studio soon ? We hope that.

Listen and download free Closer EP :

6. Five Miles North Of Nowhere : Late Nights & Cups Of Tea (April 15)

Fan of Bring Me The Horizon, Enter Shikari, Foo Fighters and all punk bands ? You can add this one to your music library. Coming from Southampton, in the south coast of England, Elliot Jones' File Miles North Of Nowhere are subscribed to powerful and hardcore punk music. The new result after their eponym EP is named Late Nights & Cups Of Tea (launched with its official video), composed of 4 impulsive songs, with good riffs and screams. And the band will get back soon in studio for new songs. A band to watch.

7. Paws : Youth Culture Forever (May 6)

The trio from Glasgow begun to be known with their debut album Cokefloat! out in 2012. After a member change last year, Paws are back with Youth Culture Forever, whose the band revealed 3 new songs at KEXP Studio months ago. The album contains 12 tracks reminding us old pop rock and punk music, still between calm and dynamics songs as Cokefloat! revealed. 

Listen to the full album at SoundCloud via : Stream Paws Thrilling 'Youth Culture Forever' album
See also : Paws' February UK Tour announced and second album out May 2014

8. Coldplay : Ghost Stories (May 19)

After the powerful and colorful Mylo Xyloto released on 2011, Chris Martin's Coldplay revealed a new chapter, calmer and dreamer, with Ghost Stories. "Midnight" is the only song played without guitar, drums and bass, just keyboard, touch screen and rainbow lasers (watch "Midnight" in live), popularized by french music producer Jean-Michel Jarre. Follows "Magic" song, which is really magic. The album releases and became the fastest sold album on iTunes Store this year. The band made also a rock dance song with "A Sky Full Of Stars", produced by DJ Avicii. Even if it's different of MX, Ghost Stories is a successful album, putting stars in your ears.

9. deadmau5 : while(1<2)* (June 17)

Like Skrillex, Joel Zimmermann, known as deadmau5, doesn't stop working on new songs. And about his new studio album, work begun on 2013 with mini album 7, headed by "Avaritia". The double album is announced on Twitter in January, confirmed on May, and is released 5 months later. In the continuity of >album title goes here< (2012), while(1<2) is the longest of all Zimmermann's albums (about 140 minutes) and has the greatest number of tracks, 25. A few days after release, it took first place in UK & US Dance charts, without surprise.

*pronounce "while 1 is less than 2"

10. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu : Pikapika Fantasian (July 9)

The kawaii journey of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu continues : the third studio album Pikapika Fantasian revealed the fantasia and dream side of the princess of J-Pop, with as key a new world tour. Videos speak about them : fantasy world with "Mottai Night Land", Kyary's story in "Yume no Hajima Ring Ring", robotic match in "Family Party" and, lately, Kyary as strange killer in numeric and beautiful world, with the hoverboard of Back To The Future II movie. All between Japanese and English lyrics.

See also : Kyary Pamyu Pamyu : third album 'Pikapika Fantasian' out July 9 | The story of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in "Yume no Hajima Ring Ring" video

Well, what's your favorite album(s) and artist(s) ? Tell us in the comments !


  1. Rival Sons, Great Western Valkyrie is the best new album of 2014. Have any of you checked this band out? Freaking amazing!

  2. I heard this album lately, and I find it very nice Andreas ! I think i'll integrate it in the second review out in October. I make now music reviews each 3 seasons. :)

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