Placebo has so many surprises to give us. They have already offered to their Fans "B3EP", with 5 new songs, whose B3 song was played several times before the release of the EP.

But the day I write this article, Fiona Brice, pianist and violonist of Placebo (who was present in concerts during Battle For The Sun Tour, has informed on her Twitter account that she probably will record with Placebo members the 7th studio album of the band :

Fiona Brice ‏@Fiona_Brice
Hampstead Heath today. Beautiful November. #Hipstamatic #BuckhorstH1 #Inas1982

Becky Pearce @Im36Degrees
@Fiona_Brice how was work in the studio with placebo? I'm excited :)

Fiona Brice ‏@Fiona_Brice
@Im36Degrees you should be excited! All good thanks ;)

According to several sources, Placebo will release the 7th album in march 2013. But we don't know the name of the album, the artwork and the songs.


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