Explore space and stars like you have never though it ! "100.000 Stars" by Chrome Experiment allows you to see the Sun, planets positions, stars (with their infos), and a great vision in 3D of our galaxy, the Milky way

You can also click on "play" logo to take a tour from Sun to the galaxy to have a global vision of our stellar neighorhood. To have infos about stars, zoom in until you see the stars and their names, then click on a star.

Go to the "100.000 Stars" animation here ! You need just have a good graphic card and 2 Go RAM Memory to see stars and the galaxy in high quality.

Here are some screenshots of "100.000 Stars" :

The Milky Way Galaxy
Little zoom-in on the Milky Way Galaxy
Some hundreds and thousands of stars
The Sun

Source : mashable.com

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  1. This is by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen! First Google Earth now this!? Wow!

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