Forget all what you know about science. The complexity of your brain and your head. No molecules, no electric signal, no neurons. Replace all that by five people representing emotions in the Head quarters. Joy makes us happy and does everything to keep in mind our best moments. Sadness is almost pessimistic about all and loves tears. Disgust is the rebel against green vegetables (unless they come from a plane). Fear hates to take risks or he screams. And Anger loves to play with fire and authority, whilst reading a newspaper.
That is the "point of view" of Pete Docter who make the story of Inside Out, in theatres in France since June 17, and in the US on June 19.

Five emotions who manage - since the birth - the life of Riley Anderson, 11 years old, a young girl loving ice hockey who will discover San Francisco with her parents. The head of Riley - and of everyone - is a Headquarter whose emotions create for each moment a "memory sphere", colored based on emotions (yellow for Joy by example). Before Riley's moving in San Francisco, we can see a majority of yellow spheres. But since she entered her new home, there are more purple, green and red spheres ...

The first day of school can bring Joy spheres again, but Sadness accidentally touches reminds, becaming blue, and attracts Joy into the Intern Memory, a library of colored spheres. Meanwhile in the Headquarter, Anger, Fear and Disgust, alone in front of the "life commands", try to manage Riley without happiness and tears, but problems come one by one : anger during the dinner, lost of the passion of ice hockey ... and the worst is yet to come: Riley ran away to return in Minnesota. In Riley's head, it's the panic: islands - made by the best memories - are falling one by one in a big hole containing lost memories. Family, Honesty, Ice Hockey, Humor ... all are destroyed.

Between the worlds of subconcience, imagination, abstact and Dream Productions, Joy and Sadness, with the help of Bing Bang - Riley's best imaginary friend - will do everything to come back to the Headquarter and to save Riley. Finally arrived, Riley come back to home in San Francisco in tears, but happy. Joy and Sadness create a huge memory represented by a blue and yellow sphere, creating a big island.

The Anderson family come back to home town where Riley grew up, and the library starts to be full of mixed emotion spheres and bigger islands. The team of emotions received for Riley's 12th birthday a new "life control panel" whose the "puberty" button (Joy thinks first it's not so important). All is fine now in the family, but the question is: what could be happenned at 12 years old ?

If Pixar's Inside Out received a great majority of positive reviews, it's normal : very creative, powerful and worked, even that Pete Docter had specialists of emotions and childhood as weapons to make the story. After watching the movie (available in 3D for a great experience), we want to imagine these little voices in the head in Inside Out's way. By the way, much people want to see a sequel of the movie, watching Riley at 12, 13 or 16 years old. Ask the question to Pixar, we hope a positive answer of Joy.

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