If there's someone that we are missing, it's naturally him. Kurt Cobain, guitarist and singer of the famous Nirvana band, would be 46 yars old today.

Kurt and his band were and always are an inspiration for popular bands and new bands coming from everywhere, especially Europe (UK and France) and the USA.

After the death of Kurt, the end of Nirvana and after more than 50 million copies sold (whose 30 millions for Nevermind) , some bands took over :
- Dave Grohl, old drummer of Nirvana, is currently guitarist and singer of Foo Fighters ;
- Muse, in 1994, won a Tremplin Rock, and inspired of Nirvana for this contest.

Today we always hear Kurt Cobain's voice, and to prove it, here is the key of Nirvana's success ...
Happy birthday Kurt !


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