“Dedicated to those who sacrifice their freedom to break the silence.” Here is how the video starts : Carbon Airways refer to people launching alerts and putting their lives to danger when they report a threat ... like Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), ready to fight Snow for 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II' movie, out this November.

It's by the way in a set of the movie where the video for "Break The Silence" has been filmed. Young people wearing scarfs - and reduced to silence - will put them out at the end of the video, showing “And you ... would you sacrifice your freedom ?”. According to Aficia, this video is an anthem of a young and angry generation which doesn't want to be speakless face to modern world's pains.

"Break The Silence" is a huge rap-pop sound announced on May 3. First planned for May 11, Carbon Airways gave a sound preview on a Facebook video showing Eleonore - the lead singer - waken up by a strange boy. A video is announced later and some pictures of the filiming and the video is out on June 15.

Their new EP is planned for September 2015, and they will be at Japan's Summer Sonic Festival this July. The debut album 'Outrenoir' is on the road ...

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