While we are waiting for Radiohead's ninth studio album, band's leader doesn't stop surprizing his fans. Six months after his second solo album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, during 38 minutes, Thom Yorke did recently a song during... 25,920 minutes. Or 432 hours. Or 18 days.

Named "Subterrane", this song has been created exclusively for his friend Stanley Donwood and its retrospective exhibition, "The Panic Office". Donwood worked with Radiohead since 1994 (before The Bends), by designing band's albums plus all associated artwork. His exhbition is presented at CarriageWorks in Sydney (Australia) from May 21st to June 6th. And "Subterrane" is played during all the exphibition.

The thing is that "Subterrane" is made of ambient recordings and played through speakers in the floors, walls, and ceilings of the space, according to Juxtapoz. And the most impressive is that the song doesn't repeat itself several times. That means that it is much worked.

The worst: you won't find it on the Internet. Even by taping "thom yorke subterrane" on Google, the first links are related with Radiohead's song "Subterranean Homesick Alien" from OK Computer (1997). It is natural : Yorke wants this song like Donwood's exhibition : punctual, temporary and we can only enjoy it even more, if we are in Sydney.

Just about Radiohead, the band's official website opens by a colorful moving background linked to "Dead Air Space", but we don't know what this means. It's up to you to decode it...

Are you able to listen to a 432-hour long song? And more importantly, are you ready for Radiohead's new album release?

Sources: Virgin Radio (French), Semi-pernanent

UPDATE: the French website My Band News revealed by Dropbox a 3 minute video of Donwood's exhibition with Thom Yorke's "Subterrane" song in background. Watch it here : tinyurl.com/img7281

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  1. 18 days? Oh man this guy is a rock god!

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