Announced on December 8 with the release of his new single "You're On (feat. Kyan)", Madeon's debut album Adventure will "tell" the story of the French electro producer and prodigy, known on YouTube with his 39-song mashup "Pop Culture" (26 million views today). Expected to be released on March 30, the album will contain 12 fresh songs whose "You're On" and "Imperium", released in November.

The square, always the square ...

... or the diamond. It is what we see on the artworks for "Imperium" and "You're On". And, no surprise : the symbol formed by the square and the two arrows is on the two artworks for Adventure. The Deluxe version artwork shows a part of the landscape appearing in the classic version, inside the symbol. The classic version shows Madeon's logo, "Adventure" in Madeonian code and the tower present in "You're On" video.

On this debut album, we will discover 10 new tracks of Madeon who worked on them with soime artists, as Kyan, Dan Smith, Foster The People's Mark Foster, Aquilo and Passion Pit's Mickael Angelakos (who collaborated with Skrillex on "Recess" song). The Deluxe version will add 6 tracks with the 12 others as "The City", "Icarus", "Finale", "Cut The Kid", "Technicolor" and "Only Way Out", one of Madeon's hidden songs appearing in some old sets.

(from left to right : artworks for "Imperium", "You're On",  Adventure and Adventure Deluxe)

Chapter 1 : The city, the tower and the the code

One week after "You're On" release, Madeon revealed on YouTube the official video for the song as Part 1 for Adventure, as M83 did in 2011 for "Midnight City" (from the album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming) with the kids having superpowers - and coming back in "Reunion" and "Wait".

Here is what Madeon "built" these last months and what we see in the video : a huge tower and a big city in the desert, full of strange symbols (actually letters). We see a young woman, walking in this city, who is intrigued by the tower, brighting at night. A day, she meets a boy having on his arm a tattoo of the diamond symbol. Both find each other the night during Madeon's set and push together a button, lighting the tower. A "To be continued" ends the video, making us waiting for Part 2.

The "Madeonian" symbols - or letters - as we like to call, are everywhere on the buildings of the city. If we know how to decode them, we can read some words as "Don't Jump", "We see you", "Stay here", "Don't jump" and "City is your home forever".

By the way, the symbols appear on the artworks for "Imperium", "You're On", Adventure and on the videos for "The City" ("This was our city") and the teaser for "Technicolor" ("We can get it back"). This make us believe that Madeon puts codes and clues at each song or artwork.

Ready to join Madeon's adventure ?

If you are in the USA, you will probably go to Coachella Festival from April 10 to April 19 (headlined by AC/DC, Jack White and Drake). Madeon will reveal his first "Adventure" set on Sundays 12 and 19 with maybe screens forming the diamond, and the square screen, which will be connected to his Launchpads as he revealed at La Nuit SFR Live last year.

We all cant wait to here these songs with evocating names : "Zephyr" (a diamond), "Pixel Empire" (appearing in "Technicolor" artwork), "Home" (from the sentence in "You're On" video) and "Isometric" (Madeon looks loving maths). The tour dates will be come in the next days, so stay connected.

You can pre-order Adventure and discover the tracklist of the album in the Apple Store :

We invite you to discover artworks in big and some funny pictures for "You're On" at Madeon's blog:

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