After six months of waiting - for us, and of filming for the actors - since the special episode Last Christmas, the BBC revealed the official trailer for Doctor Who's Series 9, starring Peter Capaldi (The Doctor) and Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) for a second full series. 90 seconds of new characters, returns and surprises, in the order.

19''. New characters, new monsters. Metal soldiers (not Cybermen), hands coming from the ground, a guy with dark eyes ... it looks like the Doctor hasn't seen everything in the universe.

23''. We are (almost) sure that the greatest enemies of the Doctor, the Daleks, will be part of the ninth series. Unless the video would show the back of Rusty, a "good" Dalek appeared in Into The Dalek.

25'' New characters with two heads in one, wearing a Chinese hat. An other one three seconds later, more human.

30''. Missy is back. Revealed as the woman version of the Master in Dark Water/Death In Heaven, we ignore if this character played by Michelle Gomez will fight with or against the Doctor and Clara.

38''. Apparently an alien city. An other view at 51''.

40''. A man in a cave. Are we back in Karn, the planet where the 8th Doctor (Paul Mc Gann) became the War Doctor (John Hurt) in The Night Of The Doctor? We're not sure.

43''. Not surprising that Clara Oswald still travels with the Doctor in the TARDIS. But notice the orange spacesuit weared by the Doctor in The Waters of Mars (with David Tennant), Hide (with Matt Smith) and Kill The Moon (with Capaldi).

50''. Friend or enemy? He has similar eyes as the guy at 19''.

53'' The 12th Doctor hugging Clara, it's rare. But we love it.

55''. A little girl kidnapped by a Zygon. Oh, you probably discovered Zygons in The Day Of The Doctor, but we think they forget to be good after saving London.

57''. The coolest moment of the trailer: the Doctor plays electric guitar in the TARDIS. Electric guitars are cool. Capaldi, you rock.

64''. "I'm the Doctor, and I save people." Saving the universe by wearing sunglasses is cool, doesn't it, Matt Smith?

79''. "What took you so long, old man?" The most waited moment for Series 9. We discover finally Maisie Williams, starred as Arya Stark in HBO's Game Of Thrones, in her mysterious role in Doctor Who's double episode The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived.
According to the video's comments about Williams' words, she could play Jenny, appeared in The Doctor's Daughter where she promised to find the Doctor again, with a new face. Or, better, Susan Foreman, the Doctor's granddaughter - after a regeneration - who appeared in Doctor Who's all first episode An Unearthly Child, broadcast in 1963. If Maisie Williams plays a Time Lord, she could be Jenny or Susan. Or someone else?

Take a sticky note, sonic screwdriver and TARDIS fans, a remember this date: Saturday, September 19. Series 9 will start with The Magician's Apprentice, whose we are waiting the teaser. By the way, a tenth series has been confirmed on July 14th. Ready, time travellers?

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