In one year, Anthony Gonzalez becomes one of the kings of electronic music. M83 has succeed to be very known with the double album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, in particular with 2 songs, "Midnight City" and "Reunion".
And the videos of these 2 songs are like 2 mini-parts of a movie. And we're sure about one thing : many people want that a movie must be made.

Midnight City, the best success of M83

The video for "Midnight City" is officially released October 17, 2011, and tells the story of five telekinetic children who live in a boarding school where "doctors" examined them to find out more about their superpowers. Fortunately, these five children escaped the residence and then decided to test their powers in a abandoned warehouse. The end of the clip, which is really beautiful, is a very fast sunset made ​​by children.
The sound, meanwhile, is a mixture of electro-pop and new wave, with at the end a solo saxophone, essential according to Anthony Gonzalez.

Already, comments on Facebook and YouTube were predictable when you see the clip: M83 fans will say that these children should play in a film, and the clip might even be a part of the trailer for this movie. Some names for the film are proposed, like "Superstellar 5555" or "Midnight 83" (my favourite).
The result, "Midnight City" somehow becomes the anthem of the group : 1st in the top 75 and top 100 songs of 2011 by Pitchfork Media and PopMatters, 2nd best song in the United Kingdom and 8th best song in France. Actually the video has been viewed more than 19 millions times.

Reunion : Midnight City, part 2

After "Midnight City", "Reunion" is already talking about it with the video "Coming Soon". Good news for fans, these children with superpowers are still there ...
... and they re-appeared in the video for "Reunion".


Here, our freinds with various psychic abilities are pursued by their "shadowy handlers" in an attempt to recover them. The youngest girl becomes luminous, sends a large flash of light (small reference to the "Tron"movie) and then loses consciousness. Then there is a duel between the head group of children and one of the "shadowy handlers", which is also endowed with telekinetic powers who come from a girl with bright red eyes, kidnapped by the "doctors".
About "Reunion",a pop-electro song, like in "Midnight City", with a tendency Dream Pop and Post-Punk. The song and above all the voice of Anthony Gonzalez reminds us a bit of Depeche Mode songs

The reaction of M83 fans ? Easy. Same thing as "Midnight City" : they would like that M83 make a film with these kids. 7 minutes with them, it's too small, but 2 hours ore more, it would be a success in cinema, then in DVD.
Actually the video has only 1,4 million viewers, but stays a great video.

Midnight 83 : what the film should be

For a 2 hour movie, we would like to put a lot of things ! We can imagine that at the beginning of the film, these children, with two animators, are in an astronomy evening where they observe the stars and constellations. Then, a meteorite falls near the tents, and children are attracted by the light emitted by the meteorite (reference to the movie Skyline). They lose consciousness, and they are "doctors" on the agreement of the parents of children who take them to a boarding school. This is here that "Midnight City" part begins.

Later the children learn that they have telekinetic powers, to control and to fly items. When they use these powers, their eyes are bright and blue sky. But the "doctors" find how to get after their abilities.
The five kids decide to escape from boarding school, and the next day, they decide to test their powers in a abandoned warehouse. They move tractor wheels, rocks ... about the girl, she plays with the trailer of a camper by rocking on all sides. And above all, children "attack" on the sun, with a beautiful sunset, even if it is fast ...

"Reunion" begins: after sunset, children stop moving the sun. But the youngest girl is very bright, and the "shadowy handlers" detect where the children are to recover them. About the "shadowy handlers", they have found before an other girl with superpowers, and they control her so that one of the "handlers" in car can use telekinesy (and the girl has so red light eyes). This one pursuit them, and the young boy managed to kill him with his own car.

After, we can imagine that all the telekinesic kids prepare a map to destroy the "shadowy headlers" project (like by example control the world and people by telekinesy) and children save so the world ... maybe there could be a love story between two kids ...

For M83 fans it will be very amazing if a movie like that appears in cinema. And for the title, "Midnight 83", we can't find better than this one. We hope now that M83 and Anthony Gonzalez do a movie and so make us happy ... 

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  1. Unknown says:

    It's called Akira.. if you watch the movie you will see a lot of the scenes. in fact, they admitted these songs was a tribute to Akira. end of the story

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, make a great film about Midnight City Video Clip, please.

    France is definitely the best country in the world.

    Love France.

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