It's true that they are not known in the whole world. But for people who like rock and metal, it's worth it to know this band from Long Island, New York. Nobody Takes Vegas, whose the singer is Nick LaGreca, released on June 27 their second EP named No Respect.

Available on their website, iTunes and SoundCloud, No Respect confirms a great rock sound like for Nobody Takes Vegas EP.
Straight in the first song, "Don't Mind The Debauchery", we want to move the head. Then follow "Mistakes At Twin Lakes", "Only At The Top Of The Mountain" and "The Jaunt". And, surprise, the fifth song, "Floater" is calmer than the previous songs. We hear an acoustic guitar instead of electric guitar. But the end of the song sounds more rock.
And at the end of the EP, "No Respect" song, our favorite. An amazing rock song with an aftertaste of metal sound. And the official video is awesome too, we retain the moment where a guy takes a bottle in the fridge, and when the song starts, he involuntarily drops and breaks it.

Now discover this band by listening to their EP on SoundCloud :

You can also check out the official video for "No Respect". Now it's up to you to say if this band is awesome. For us, it is.

Note to people from NY : Nobody Takes Vegas will play at Even Flow Bar & Grill, Bay Shore, NY. We hope that, a day, they will come in Europe ...

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