Electronic is now everywhere in the world. Take by example Skrillex, Hardwell, Martin Solveig or Avicii. But who said we have to be more than 19-20 years old to be known as electro music producer ? At 17, Madeon, a young french DJ, surprised the world of electro with his mashup "Pop Culture" ; he produced at 18 The City EP and now he's working on the first album.
And there's even younger than Madeon. And you find it once again in France. Enguérand and Eleonore Fernese, brother and sister, as Carbon Airways.

All Carbon Airways songs follow the same logic : hard electronic, rock, techno, and the voices of the Fernese. All their songs give us want to move and to jump. And this directly since their first EP Shake Your Rage, Part 1 (2011). The two members were only 15 and 14 years old, knowing that they began to play music instruments at the age of 7.
Carbon Airways in 2012

Today there are at the head of 5 EPs, whose Oxydizer. Their 2 new singles, "Black Sun" and "Conquest", are available since June 24th. Currently, no album is announced. But after more than 10 or 15 songs, Carbon Airways probably could think about a first album. The band were naturally in some festivals like Ultra Music Festival (their first great show at the United States) and the Eurockéennes in Belfort (France).

Discover now these young french prodigies of electro rock. To check out their songs :


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