As you know, Windows 8.1 will officially be released on October 18th. You discovered in videos new tile sizes, new possibilities to customize your Start screen, the come back of the Start button, new apps and app updates. Zac Bowden from released on September 5th a complete review of all the essential updates between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Here is the list of these apps updates shown in the video :

MAIL : new tile color (blue) ; possibility to move the mails received on folders ; social mails folder regrouping mails from Facebook, Twitter, Google ...
CALENDAR : New home page showing in chronological order the next events.
PHOTOS : similar to Windows 8 including photos from SkyDrive.
XBOX VIDEO : Similar to Windows 8 but with dark grey background.
XBOX MUSIC : New interface pushing your collections of music, including an explorer for millions of songs and a list of radios.
STORE : New UI including popular apps in the left and "Picks for you" ; app info is now more complete, infos, screenshots, notes given, price, comments and so on
SKYPE : now integrated to Windows 8.1 when you install the OS. Same features like on Windows 8.
PEOPLE : New UI with last notification on the left, social updates, favourite contacts and contacts list.
INTERNET EXPLORER : Tabs on the bottom when you click right, above address bar ; access in this part of the screen for Frequent, favourite websites and downloaded files.
HELP AND TIPS : new app for Windows 8.1 to understand the main features and ways to use the OS.
FOOD AND DRINK : presented at Build Conference at San Francisco on June ; an app for cooking, to discover new recipes, chefs and wines ; new tile icon.
READING LIST : new app in which you have article pages you want by example to read later, to add these web pages, go on a page in Internet Explorer, charms bar, Share, Share in Reading List.
SKYDRIVE : includes same UI for "This PC" to show folders and files of your PC like on SkyDrive.
WEATHER : similar to Windows 8 with a great weather map next of hourly forecast.
BING SPORTS : new background (blue) for the app.
HEALTH AND FITNESS : presented at Build Conference ; new tile color (orange, before purple). Allows to keep track on your weight, what you eat, etc.
NEWS : similar to Windows 8, including a "Get started" to hand on News app features.
ALARMS : new on Windows 8.1, can be used to announce an event of for waking up.
CALCULATOR : new on Windows 8.1, a calculator in Modern UI.
SOUND RECORDER : new on Windows 8.1, to record and save records in .wav format.

All the other updates are here.

Be here on October 18th to update Windows 8 to 8.1 !

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  1. I personally love this OS even with all the noise around. Microsoft made some mistakes but i believe on the potential of this company. It's really far better than any other alternatives in terms of security, ideas and anything in between. Thanks for sharing this valuable info DEwil!

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