Square, rectangle, triangle and circle : the four french DJS of C2C kept a surprise for one week, today their reveal it us. The band released the official video for "Delta" from their first album TETR4 (pronounce "tetra"), made by CRCR.

The story takes place in a very desert planet, actually in a futurist city. A giant tetrahedron, probably a spaceship, comes in the city. The king of the city, a bit depressive, orders the soldiers to destroy the tetrahedron, but the forcefield sends back and kills soldiers. While a madman was gonna face up to the object, the king stops him, then the tetrahedron opens with a great light, without knowing what there's inside the light.

As you can see, the video has got many basic geometric shapes, signatures of the band. By the way, the soldiers are dressed like medieval people, in futuristic city and planet. So, is "Delta" video actually the translate of the name of one of Kaiser Chief's albums The Future Is Medieval ? Apparently it's only just a coincidence.

Watch now the video for "Delta" :

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