To end 2013 in music, we selected for you 10 albums/EPs/singles of 10 artists. You probably don't know all of them, so it's time to discover some new music.

1. The Crash Bandits : Better Off


This 3 piece band from Minneapolis, MN, Blink-182 fan, knows the definition of pop/punk/rock. After their first EP The Mutt out last year, The Crash Bandits revealed in July their first album Better Off. 14 punk-rock tracks to move your head.
A 2nd EP will be released soon.

Listen to the album here (free download) :


2. Carbon Airways : Black Sun EP 

We already talked you about Carbon Airways, a brother and a sister from France who make huge electro-rock sounds. The EP Black Sun is a proof. It revealed, 4 months after "Black Sun" and "Conquest" songs releases, 2 new songs called "DNA Providence" and "Grace And Virtue", plus 3 remixes of "Black Sun".
The songs of their first album are currently in final mixing, and the album will be out April 2014.

Listen to the EP on Deezer :

3. Nobody Takes Vegas : No Respect EP

The 5 guys from Long Island, NY, continue they Alternative Rock journey. The 2nd EP No Respect follows first one, Nobody Takes Vegas, with 6 new songs and a video, with the same energy.
Two good news : band's lead singer Nick LaGreca is 21 years old since December 7, and new songs are coming for 2014.

Listen to the two EPs on SoundCloud : Nobody Takes Vegas EP | No Respect EP
Discover Nobody Takes Vegas official website :

4. Half Moon Run : Dark Eyes

If the Canadian band Half Moon Run begins to be known in 2013 (one year after releasing their first album Dark Eyes), it is because their debut single "Full Circle" has been used on the "Horizon" trailer for the game Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (out October 29). The debut album' 12 tracks are calm, between Indie-Pop and Indie-Rock.

Listen to their debut album on Deezer :

5. Madeon : Technicolor Single

19. French. The prodigy of electro music continues to surprise us, with Technicolor out August 3rd (following The City EP). After producing Two Door Cinema Club's "Changing Of The Seasons", Leclercq is working on his first album, and it will be released on early 2014 (according to one of his Tweets).

Listen to "Technicolor" on SoundCloud :

6. After Lilly : Please Wake Me Up Tomorrow !

Between french and english songs, the French band After Lilly revealed on July 20 twelve pop-rock songs in their debut album Please Wake Me Up Tomorrow!, following the EP Lost Your Way (2011). A little beginning for a great following, we hope that.

Listen to the album on BandCamp :

7. Phoenix : Bankrupt!

The French band Phoenix come back is succeded : their 5th studio album Bankrupt! surprised some fans, starting with the album teaser. The 10 tracks remember a bit Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, however the sounds are more varied : synthpop, new wave. Indie-rock is still here.

Listen to the album on Deezer :

8. The Strokes : Comedown Machine

No tour for The Strokes' fifth album. However Comedown Machine, containing 11 songs sounding like their first albums, received generally good critics. The single "All of Time" had its video including the band's good moments in touring (check out post about "All the Time" here).

Listen to the album on Deezer :

9. Paramore : Paramore

Four years after Brand New Eyes, Hayley William's band Paramore revealed their self-titled album, acclaimed by fans and many music magazines (by examples Metacritic, NME). The album shows 17 great songs, sometimes powered, sometimes alternative rock, sometimes punk. And the self-titled Tour isn't finished, to people who want to see Paramore.

Listen to the album on Deezer :

10. Bring Me The Horizon : Sempiternal 

The album name is definitively smaller than previous one. Anyway, Bring Me The Horizon don't stop making huge metalcore songs. Proofs ? "Can You Feel My Heart", "Sleepwalking" and "Shadow Moses". And the best place to see them was Reading Festival.

Listen to the album on Deezer :

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