This masterpiece marked the beginning of 3D era in cinema. And movie's fans will be happy : Avatar will have three sequels which will be released between 2016 and 2018.

Avatar, released on December 2009, became the heighest-grossing film, with 2.78 billion dollars gross, surpassing Titanic (released in 1997). A 2 hours 40 minutes movie showing Jake Sully, coming to Pandora, rebelling against his people with Norm Spellman, Dr Augustine, Max and Trudy, to protect Neytiri and the Na'vi.

On August 1, Cameron announced that the movie will have 3 sequels, planned for 2016, 2017 and 2018. And on December 16, after reaching an agreement with the government in Wellington, he revealed that these sequels will be filmed on New Zealand from October 2014. The New Zealand government would raise its tax rebate system for filmmaking between 20 and 25 %. Each film will have a budget of 500 million dollars, while the budget of the first movie was 237 million.

An idea for Avatar 2, launched by the Canadian film director, is that Jake Sully's adventures will be in aquatic environment, in Pandora oceans. This idea comes from the fact that Cameron was on 26 March 2012 the first man to explore the Mariana Trench in a submarine called Deepsea Challenger, at about 10,900 meter deep.

Sources : Europe 1 (french) and Wikipedia

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