Goodbye Matt Smith, hello Peter Capaldi. Doctor Who's 2013 Christmas special "The Time of the Doctor" was broadcast on BBC One at 7:30 PM (London Time). Matt Smith was on his last episode as the Doctor, and what better than Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) to finish the special ?

The plot is already on Wikipedia. Don't read it if you didn't watch the special. For fans who watched it, you certainly retained the highlights.

First, the Doctor was ... naked. Even if we see he wore clothes at Oswald's house and in Tasha's church. Strange and funny moment between the Doctor and Clara, same thing in "Journey's End" when the other Tenth Doctor was naked in front of Donna Noble, remember ? "You're naked ! - Yes !"

Second, a town called Christmas. Certainly because the episode was broadcast on Chirstmas Day. "How can an Isle be called Easter ?"
But a town called Christmas in a planet called Trenzalore. If you understand, the Doctor and Clara come to Trenzalore a second time, but years before they see graves and the giant TARDIS and before they killed the Great Intelligence ("The Name of the Doctor"). That's why the Doctor managed to land the TARDIS on the planet. At this period (probably) the Doctor's timeline didn't exist yet.

Third, the crack of Amelia's wall is back. It appeared on several episodes, first time in "The Eleventh Hour". Actually, the Time Lords use this crack in the universe, to demand help to the Doctor, and this from the pocket universe in which Gallifrey was trapped (created by the 13 Doctors in "The Day of the Doctor"). And it is from the crack that a message comes : "Doctor who ?" You know the story : if the Doctor answers the question, Time Lords will be saved, but a new war will be born, in which the Doctor will die. Instead of this, Time Lords give to the Doctor a new cycle of 12 regenerations through the crack. So 24 regenerations available in all, so 25 Doctors.

And fourth, the surprise by Steven Moffat. We had Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor) as the Curator in "The Day of the Doctor", now we have for (only) twenty seconds Karen Gillan as Amelia Pond, before the Doctor's regeneration. "Raggedy man ... goodnight.", she said.

Now we have to wait several months before watching the eighth series, planned for late summer/autumn 2014. We are sure that the first episode of this series will be written by Steven Moffat, and that the beginning of it will be probably the moment where the Doctor and Clara are in the TARDIS, crashing ...
Last thing. First words of the 12th Doctor : "Kidneys ! I've got new kidneys ! I don't like the color." First appearance and first funny sentence. Do you think that this new Doctor will be great ?

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