Even if this is a concept, fans of gaming will love it. Razer revealed on CES 2014 a modular PC called Christine. Its slogan : "Extreme PC Performance for Everyone".

The great advantage of this PC is its design. Of course, our eyes are first fixed on the green-illuminated base and the cooling central tower. However, the PC is divided into several modules that can be connected with drip-free connectors between modules and the central tower, and this in a few seconds. The modules could be hard drives, CD/DVD drives, differents ports for audio, video, USB, etc. You can upgrade and customize it very easily, such as GPU, CPU, RAM Memory ...

But how are these modules work ? Thanks to oil. Actually oil is circulating inside the modules and exchange heat with water running the central tower, here where you insert the modules.

Gavin Gear from Extreme Windows Blog was with Young Bae from Razer PC to speak about the performances of Project Christine, whose the video is below.

Notice that the PC has got a touch screen with UI, showing performances, CPU/GPU and also what OS you want to use (Windows as main example).

As a fan of gaming, like you, probably, I'll follow the news of the project, if a release will be announced or not. So the question is : do you want to have this kind of great PC ?

Sources : Extreme Windows Blog and razerzone.com

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  1. Pretty awesome tech! So you can hot swap the power supply? Fascinating.

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